LDC Messaging Study 2014

September 15, 2014

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SUMMARY: The LDC Messaging Study looked at the perceptions of U.S Latinos among Americans and found that the majority of negative perceptions related to the ideas that Latinos are likely: immigrants, criminals, do not pay taxes, and do not engage in other cultures. After also testing positive messaging about U.S Latinos, PSB developed messaging recommendations to overall improve the perceptions of U.S Latinos among Americans. 


  • Only one in five Americans knows the correct percentage of Latinos in the U.S. that are here illegally, although the most negative perceptions about Latinos surrounded the idea that Latinos are undocumented immigrants. 
  • Messages about Latinos being members of the armed forces, patriotic, family-oriented, and overall American, were the most positively held messages. 
  • Those without any relation to Latinos were more likely to hold negative perceptions, while having even a single Latino acquaintance significantly shifts those perceptions.
  • Nearly two in three Americans said the outlook for Latinos is positive after receiving positive messaging. 

DATE OF PUBLICATION: September 15, 2014

ABOUT THE RESEARCHER: Penn Schoen Berland (PSB) is a global custom research and analytics consultancy that merges a deep understanding of PEOPLE x SCIENCE x BUSINESS to create human insights that inspire leaders to make more informed decisions with confidence.

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