We are looking forward to seeing you at our 2024 Events

The LDC Advisory Network is a group of business and philanthropic leaders dedicated to support our mission to advance the Latino brand in America. They serve as a conduit of LDC initiatives and research that support the Latino community. Members of the Advisory Network also provide insights and recommendations that spur the LDC’s strategic efforts.

Unlike LDC Convenings, that are only held in New York City and Los Angeles, LDC Advisory Network Receptions allow us to connect with a network of local leaders in major cities across the country. Our first chapter was founded in Chicago, and we are expanding to Austin, Boston, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, and Tucson.

LDC Advisory Network Reception: San Antonio Chapter – September 4, 2018

LDC Advisory Network Reception: Austin Chapter – September 3, 2018

LDC Advisory Network Reception: San Francisco Chapter – August 29, 2018

LDC Advisory Network Reception: Los Angeles Chapter – August 28, 2018