Hispanic Messaging Poll 2016


Hispanic Messaging Poll 2016

SUMMARY: This report builds on earlier research from 2014, which studies evolving opinions towards Latinos in the United States. Overall, immigration and illegality continue to be the drivers of negative perceptions towards U.S Latinos, but, this report found that through positive messages AND personal narratives, those negative perceptions can be improved. 


  • 45% of Anglo-Swings and 50% of Anglo Elite Swings said immigrants should keep their culture behind.
  • Only 24% of people who consider hard work an American value believe that Latinos “share their values.”
  • Almost one in two of non-Hispanics believe that the negative coverage of Latinos is unfair.
  • Stories of Latinos contributing to the U.S and exhibiting patriotism were the most positively persuasive.

DATE OF PUBLICATION: February 5, 2016

ABOUT THE RESEARCHER: Penn Schoen Berland  (PSB) is a global custom research and analytics consultancy that merges a deep understanding of PEOPLE x SCIENCE x BUSINESS to create human insights that inspire leaders to make more informed decisions with confidence.

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